Saturday, April 21, 2012

First Easter

Briley spent her first Easter at her nanny's, then onto TT's and Uncle Mike's house..wearing her oh-so-cute-legwarmers.

Our Boys

It all started in 2007. They played for the Dodgers. A lifetime friendship started that year. One was on first base,the other was pitcher. They were both 5 years old. It was Trev and Thomas, the duo had pitcher and 1st  on lock down.

 Our boys got to play baseball together again. Now they are in kid pitch. Thomas is pitcher and Trev is catcher. The friendship is still going strong.

The other night I was watching them play together. Thomas and Trev made a play that only they knew they were going to make. I ask Trev when I got home if he and T talked about making that play and he said "No mom, its just the look we gave each other." It was as simple as that-the look. I realized then what our boys have. They have the kind of friendship that they know each other so well. I hear them encourage each other during the games. It makes me proud to know that my son's best friend encourages him.

Trev and Thomas- if this post ever finds you. I hope you two boys remains friends forever. To have each others backs no matter what. Don't let society's cruelty get in the way of your friendship, and always be true to who you are. And leave them girls alone.Just know that us moms, and probably nanny too will not be too far behind you, in disguise. You are our boys and we all love you more than you know.

 True friendships see no color

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

2 months

I've decided to make this blog my diary of being a mother. It'll be nice to look back and see how much my kids have grown and the little things they do that we sometimes forget. My friend has a blog that she keeps to keep up with her precious little boy. She's an awesome blogger you can check her out here.

briley went for her 2 month check up on Monday. She got 3 shots..tear. Here is how much this gal has grown

         weight- 11lbs 13oz
          height - 22.1/4 long.

I can't believe it's been two months already! I have enjoyed this little girl more than anything in this world. I'll share her birth story in a later post.

I thank God everyday for giving me my precious babies and my wonderful husband.