Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Let the games begin!

Baseball season has arrived..finally.  Trace' s coach called to give us details about his practices and what not. We got the gloves oiled, the bats swinging, and the uniforms ready to wear! We are ready, This weekend we are taking a trip to Jackson, Tn for the Renegades first tournament. They are all excited and ready to play.

We get grief from some people about the amount of time we spend on the field. Yes, it's a lot of time and money spent, but we wouldn't have it any other way. We love watching our boys play. We met some of our very best friends on through baseball. We are all like family. Our boys are like brothers. they play together and sometimes fight.. but hey, they are eight year old boys, right? Over all, they have a good time together.

Growing up, I played soccer. I loved it. I played up until I hurt my knee and couldn't play anymore. Then when I had children I decided to let them play whatever sport they chose and it was baseball. Trace grew up on the baseball field. That's all he knows. Trevor was three when he started playing.  I want my boys to do whatever they want. If baseball takes them somewhere when they get older, then so be it. If it doesn't, that's fine too. As long as they want it, we'll be there to support them.

So for right now, that's how our life is spent, on the baseball field.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Technology has us spoiled.

Yesterday I realized that my phone was a part of my life more so than I thought before. Our carriers' network went down so I couldn't place a call or text and I FREAKED! I almost had a panic attack! Although, I could still access facebook so that made it a little better. Finally my phone started working again and I was happy. It doesn't really take much to make me happy, I promise.

I like waiting now. When we go to the doctor, I'm fine. i have my phone to keep me entertained. While we wait for our food at a restaurant, I'll wait for as long as I need, as long as I have my phone. Old faithful keeps the boys entertained as long as they are not fighting over it. Today i had a wait on someone and when i looked for Old Faithful,... I LEFT IT AT MY DESK!!!! I was antsy and felt naked not to mention that I was worried that while I was away my phone would get hijacked and some crazy person would hack my facebook status (withholding names). I have to say that an obsession with my phone is not good. If you look around you always see people on their phones- texting, talking, updating their facebook. I mean at our house Troy's on his, I'm on mine, Trev's on his, and Trace is fighting for one of them. After all this I have decided to put down my phone when I'm at home. I'd much rather be spending time with my family than to see what so and so is putting on facebook. I'd much rather spend an hour talking to my husband than texting one of my crazy friends a "guess what song this is?' Yes, I text random things to my friends.. just as they text me random things.

Our phones make life a lot easy for everyone, but sometimes I think they over take our lives. So starting today I'm going to put the phone for a while... well after I check facebook and text a couple of people and tell them that I saw a man running in daisy dukes... but after that I am done for the night and the rest of the night will be spent with the ones I love the most.

Are you reading this from your phone???