Thursday, May 31, 2012

Briley's Birth story

Tomorrow Briley will be four months old. I wanted to write this while I remember all the small and important details. This story is for her to read someday.

For most of January I was in and out of the hospital with high BP. Dr. Boerner wanted to deliver her as soon as possible, but a group called The Maternal Fetal Group wouldn't allow it until I was at least 37 weeks. I was miserable and on bed rest and waiting.

I took the boys with me to my last doctor visit before I got induced. The funniest thing happened. The room had a baby doll holding a cigarette. It was saying that what you do while you re pregnant is what the baby does. Trace didn't understand. So he ask the doctor why he had something like that in his office. To know Dr.B. He's straight to the point. He's a no nonsense kind of doctor. Dr. B looked at him and instead of saying something like"smoking is bad for the baby'" He says matter of fact" You smoke and get cancer,and die." Wow. The look on all of our faces were priceless.

Fast forward to Wed Feb 1. The boys were with Nanny and Pa. Troy and I arrived at the hospital at 5ish. we were supposed to be there at 5am on the dot, but Troy had to stop and get himself breakfast.mmph. We got checked in and made the long walk to our room. I was so nervous, excited, and ready to it to be all over with. Dr. B came in at 6 am to break my water with no luck and it hurt like crazy.I don't remember it hurting so bad with the boys.Little did I know that was going to be a breeze compared to what I was in for that day. The dr came in after an hour and I begged for his mercy,it finally broke. The nurse had given my potocin to get the show on the road.

About 8am our boys came with Nanny and Pa and we waited. I started hurting by this point. At 10am  I was given my epidural that absolutely did NOT take at all! The only thing it did was bottom my BP out and I thought I was going to die. I got poked for no reason. It hurt. I kept telling the nurse it hurt. She couldn't figure out why. Believe me I kept pressing that epidural button. I wasn't getting any relief. She sat me up, turned me from side to side hoping it would help-nothing. Nothing I did helped and I was hurting.  by 11am I was dilated to a 3 and holding. I had a room full of family and wasn't interacting with any of them. Thankfully they didn't mind.

I kept pleading with the nurse to do something. Having my boys didn't feel anything like this. She wouldn't keep checking me because she was afraid I would get an infection. So about 2:45 something happened. Something was wrong and I knew it. I grabbed onto Troy's shirt-thought I was going to pull it off of him- and begged for him to make the pain stop -now I know he couldn' t have done anything for me, but still I tried. At this point I was sobbing. Troy got everyone out and got the nurse. She checked me and I was ready to deliver this baby!!!

Now during my pregnancy I had a plan about who was going to be in the delivery room when I had her, who was to see her first.. well that plan went right on out of the window. At that moment, all I heard were curtains be closed,drawers slamming, and people running around the room. Troy, my mother-in-law, and my granny were watching Briley be born. I remember nurse Lisa telling me not to push I had to wait 18 minutes... 18 minutes really? Dr.B was on his way and that's exact time it takes him to get there from his office.  18 minutes later I was pushing. Briley was kind of high because I was only 37 weeks. So it took a little longer for her to drop down. They had to turn her..which was not nice. After about 15 minutes of pushing at 3:36 pm, Dr. B held up and cute little baby girl and said "Here's what was causing you all that trouble." Oh yes she did, and she was TOTALLY worth it.

I didn't cry. I was still in shock I think. Then I looked up at Troy and grabbed his hand and said "its finally over." I know that was awful of me, but hey it happens.

When Nurse Lisa laid Briley Jane on me, all the pain I felt melted away. I forgot about it. I had this beautiful baby girl in my arms.

I do have to say something about the nurses there at MTMC. They are wonderful. The nurse that helped deliver Briley also helped deliver Trace, so she was extra special.

If I had to do it all over again, I would. My kids are the most precious little humans and I would endure the pain all over just so they could be in my life. God made women strong for a reason.

This was taken as soon as she was born. Already looking at the camera.
Proud Big Brothers.They were the first to lay eyes on her.

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  1. You're such a wonderful Mother!! I know your kids are your world and they too are lucky to have you as a parent!! They are cute, healthy, amazing kids because God made them that way and y'all are lucky to have such a great family as I'm sure u know!