Monday, May 14, 2012

A True Man

I don't usually like to get all sappy, but i feel like Troy needs to be bragged on... just a little bit.

Since January our family has had some trying times. I was put on bed rest while I was pregnant on Jan 5th. On Jan 11 th  my BP spiked and I was admitted to the hospital for eight days straight. Each day we didn't know whether the doctor was going to take Briley or not. It was a stressful and trying time for our little family. The boys were taken out of their normal routine and thrown a curve ball. Staying nights with the grandparents and visiting mommy in the hospital. My in-laws stepped up and helped out every way they could. But the most stress was laid on Troy. He had to juggle  me, the house, work, and the boys. And it did it well. Better than I could have ever done it. He did everything for me and never once complained... to me anyways.

The whole time I was in labor with Briley he never left my side.. never. After we got home he continued to Mr. Mom.  I had my tubes tied and there again he was with me the whole time. After getting all that done. i went through a funk. I cried a lot and just felt empty inside. He talked me through my bad days and always listened to me when I cried to him. I think it was just the finalization of not be able to ever have babies again. Although 3 is enough.
Now again, last Friday i had surgery. It wasn't a major surgery but it was enough to keep me down for a while. I have a cut across my stomach and it hurts like .. well it really hurts. Troy was still there and hasn't left me.

I know people expect that husbands are just supposed to do that, but not all do and I know a few that don't.
My Troy is special. He's a special man. He's an active father, wonderful husband, and all around just a great guy. I know most think they have the perfect relationship and that's great, but me and Troy aren't perfect, but we have a solid and strong relationship and to me, that is so much better than perfect. We can have long conversations and we laugh together... a lot. He makes me laugh almost everyday. He's not a husband that comes in from work and just sits. He helps take care of our kids and our house.

I thank God that he sent Troy my way. I don't know what I'd do without him. He's my rock. He's my hero. And whether he knows it or not he saved me from myself. If it wasn't for him I don't know where I'd be.

Troy- you are my life and I'll always love you


  1. That is so sweet. I am so glad that he is a good husband because you deserve nothing but the best.

  2. These two men we got are a rare find. Troy and you fit like peanut butter and jelly!! Sorry to hear about your funk, but know that you are not alone in that I had a hard time after Bubba but I had granny and Jason to help me out. Your husband loves you and is true so hold on tight and never let him go!! I know I am...

  3. Thanks Isha! I love you!
    Tabby- yes you got a good one too. I am so blessed to have my baby by my side always